• fresh juices

    we make our juices fresh twice a day!
    - liquid gold (apple, carrot, ginger)
    - green goddess (beet, apple, kale, ginger)
    - hulkster (cucumber, apple, spinach. ginger)
    - sassy sunset (beet, apple, sweet potato, orange, ginger)
    - citrus sunshine (orange, apple, sweet potato)

  • smoothies

    made with your choice of milk: 2% or almond/coconut.
    - raspberry raver (raspberries, apple, banana)
    - blueberry/mango twister (blueberries, mango, banana)
    - strawberry  (strawberry, banana)
    - superberry volcano (blackberries, blueberries, cherries, banana)

    add a booster to your smoothie:
    hemp hearts, chia seeds, or flax seeds: $1
    vegan protein powder: $2